How will Metaverse Transform Social Media Marketing?

Innovations in technology are rapidly growing and shifting. One of the recent innovations is the metaverse-an immersive virtual environment that is quickly taking over the internet. 

You may have seen it before in many science fiction movies like The Matrix series. 

But now this technology is more than fiction.

According to Andy Hood, Vice President, Technologies, “Metaverse is the biggest emerging technology in the future that will make consumers experience an entirely new level more than that mobile gaming does these days”.

Metaverses are penetrating the internet with the rise of virtual reality(VR) and augmented reality(AR). 

Metaverse is not exactly what sci-fi has depicted but it can produce more unimaginable values using computing platforms.

A study by the E-Marketer shows that approximately 85 million users experienced virtual reality and augmented reality once a month in the year 2021.

All these approximations point to the rising significance of metaverses.

The “metaverse” keyword itself gained a lot of popularity on social media platforms. 

This keyword yields 677,000 results on the Google search engine. Also, the hashtag #metaverse is used in almost 60,000 posts on many social media platforms per hour.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse represents a shared virtual space in which the users are represented as virtual avatars. 

This virtual space continues to evolve and grow based on the user decisions and i9nteractions in the space.

Marketing in Metaverse is the future of social media marketing as it is a new marketing ecosystem that works similar to blockchain.

Moreover, it is decentralized means it has no servers or any administrators. It will allow you to connect with your audience in a way that has never been possible before.

According to Facebook’s definition, the metaverse will allow people to hang out with other people who are not in the same physical space.

Metaverse is neither a game nor any application that you can download and play. 

But these are the virtual universes that integrate reality and the virtual world.

Metaverses are always active and they do not pause when you leave them nor do they end themselves. 

They have a timeline that synchronizes with real-world timing. In metaverse, different platforms can work together. 

For example: While playing video games, you can bring items from one game to another.

Social Media Marketing in the Metaverse

Social Media marketers need to understand the metaverse technology and its full potential to speed up with the latest technological developments. 

While you are new to the metaverse you can contact a  social media marketing agency that can help you in your metaverse marketing.

Social media marketing in metaverse can be done by using games like Roblox and using the virtual reality technology. 

For example, you can create virtual marketing experiences based on real-life experiences parallel to what your brand does in real life.  

Social media marketing using Virtual Reality technologies gives the advertisement makers new opportunities to maximize the brand’s impact in the digital space. 

For example: Imagine a world where consumers can attend concerts and visit shops without leaving their homes.

However, metaverse has no limits to stop. For example, if you own a music band, you can release your album teaser in the metaverse and invite your users to a real-life launch.

Metaverse marketing within real-life marketing

You can use metaverse in real-life marketing by creating parallel virtual reality experiences to the real-life experiences related to your brand.

Let’s explore metaverse marketing within real-life marketing.

Immersive experience

You can offer a virtual advertising experience in the metaverse. For example, A video game ad tech company switched from outdoor advertising to showing ads on virtual billboards.

Although, you can go beyond virtual billboards as metaverse is immersive.

You can take advantage of this immersive nature and offer the same immersive experience to your users by taking virtual marketing initiatives.

Make collectibles available

Metaverse is yet another space to showcase the collectibles. 

As consumers like collecting different items, you can give the same experience in the metaverse by offering assets or limited-edition collections that they can collect.

For example, Gucci a brand offered the collector’s room which allowed users to collect the limited Gucci items in the metaverse.

Engage with existing communities

Generally, people oppose advertising. But if you create virtual advertisements related to your brand, it will help your brand to get attention from your users.

While you can’t enter into any new technology without prior taking the new format into account. 

You must gain traction when you partner with members of the Roblox developer community. 

For example: When O2 a brand, threw a virtual concert on Fortnite, they partnered with the experts on the Fortnite platform.


While many guiding principles help in making strategies and tactics for metaverse, there is still plenty of room for marketers to perform experiments. 

Metaverse will help people to connect, make communities, and also grow their businesses.

Best practices are still to be properly established and comprehensively created. 

This gives social media marketers plenty of space to be experimental in their approaches.

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