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Every web hosting service has its own uniqueness and specifications. Like to start with, shared hosting is ideal for small and low-traffic websites, WordPress hosting is apt for WordPress sites, 

VPS hosting for high-traffic websites and dedicated server for most demanding websites/applications.

Dedicated server is what you need to host a large eCommerce website. It can handle the heavy workloads on your website. Dedicated servers are high-performing servers that you get full control over your server & to your website. Linux based dedicated server, as well as Windows Server enables customization so that you can run & deploy your web projects as per your needs.

You get a complete isolated environment for your website/application with a dedicated server. It is solely dedicated to you, meaning no sharing of server resources. When you choose a dedicated server, you will never compromise on performance issues. Also, you do not face any downtimes. Also, you do not face any downtimes.

So, do you want to get a dedicated server for your website/application? But the question which may strike in your mind is, from whom you should purchase a dedicated server.

Countless hosting providers are there in the web hosting industry. So, if you are looking for one that is apt and can help you succeed online, my suggestion for you would be MilesWeb.

MilesWeb offers the best Linux dedicated server hosting at the most affordable costs. They provide incredible features that your high-demanding website/application requires.

The company is currently offering a risk-free trial on its dedicated hosting plans. By default, their dedicated server plans are unmanaged, meaning you have to take care of all the server related tasks.

Know What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is what the name implies. It is a hosting service where you get control over the entire server. Meaning, you can do the server modifications, customize it the way you want and install applications of your choice. You will not be affected by the traffic on other websites or users affecting your website.

Also, you will get the highest resources for your websites like CPU, RAM, storage. You will not be sharing it with anyone. It will help you gain more success in your business.

Advantages of a Dedicated Server 

  • You get the top-most level of security with a dedicated server. 
  • Get control over your server. 
  • Customize and configure the server in the way you want. 
  • It can handle the highest amount of traffic on the website. 

MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting Plans 

  • MilesWeb offers high-powered dedicated hosting plans to meet the requirements of your high-demanding website/application.
  • The company offers dedicated hosting in India with quick access. 
  • Currently, they are offering a risk-free trial on their dedicated hosting plans. Meaning, you can try their hosting services at no risk. 
  • With all packages, you get the latest Intel CPU processors, a good amount of storage space, high bandwidth, and one dedicated internet protocol address. 
  • They have a basic plan E5-2609 2.4GHz which will cost you Rs.6,999/m. And with this, you get (8GB of RAM, 480GB SSD, 1TB of bandwidth and 1 dedicated IP). 
  • 2 x E5-2673 v4 3.3GHz is their high-end plan, for which you will have to pay Rs.46,999/m. This plan includes 256GB of RAM, 2 TB SSD, 5TB of bandwidth and one dedicated IP. 

Benefits of Using MilesWeb Dedicated Server!

Here are the top benefits of using the MilesWeb dedicated server. 

Host Unlimited Websites 

Zero limit on the number of websites you need to host. With a dedicated server, you get a high amount of storage space. The maintenance will be easy as you host numerous websites under one hosting account. 

SSH Root Access 

With each Linux dedicated server, you get root access. Having root access allows you to take full control of your server. This does not affect the Management service we provide, neither you have to pay any extra fees. 

Guaranteed High-Performance 

With dedicated server hosting, you get guaranteed high performance for your website/application. High-speed performance is what you get as you don’t share server resources in any case. 

100% Dedicated Hardware Resources 

With dedicated hosting, you get a completely isolated environment that is solely yours. With this, you also get 100% dedicated hardware resources which you will not have to share with other users. 

No Setup Fees 

MilesWeb does not take a single rupee from you for setting up the server. The server you can cancel no matter at any time. If you cancel the server, you don’t have to pay penalty or cancellation costs.

Guaranteed Security

You get a higher level of security in a physically isolated environment. As the server is isolated, no other website traffic will be affecting yours. It will keep your website safe from threats and any breach attacks.


You get a custom environment with a dedicated server. It allows you to run custom applications on your server. With this, your resource-heavy websites/applications will run effortlessly without any issues.

Do I Get a Choice of Operating System?

Yes, you can opt for MilesWeb’s dedicated servers to install from a broad range of operating systems. You just have to select the Operating system of your choice so that your server will be all set to use and, you can begin in just a few minutes.

To Conclude

MilesWeb offers the best dedicated hosting service at the lowest prices. You get a free trial plus instant access. Also, there is rapid provisioning of servers, wherein they deploy the servers for you after you place an order.

Order MilesWeb’s dedicated server and take your business to a new level of success!

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